Collection: African Waistbeads

All African  Waistbeads are threaded in Kumasi, Ghana.

Waistbeads are a necessity of understanding oneself. Our beads are used to your desire. They may be used for traditional use, weight tracking (body fluctuation), guidance, gifts, & more. Please use with care.

All Beads are on cotton thread, they are not removable (unless rolled off).
Each Waistbead strand are approximately 46 inches long or longer.

To adjust to one's size:
1) Wrap waistbead around waist or where you would love them to lay
2) Hold both ends of your waistbead
3) On one end, remove excess beads
4) Tie a tight knot when you have found best placement on your body
5) Cut & burn excess thread off the end of your waistbead

Waist Bead Tutorial Video Available on Instagram @SankofaAfricanArts